Defense Against Biting Insects & Zika

Safe, All Natural, Effective, NO DEET...!!!
Use All Day Every Day All Year

BadBugsOff is a skin patch that delivers a safe, all day protection from biting insects. And that is your best disease prevention of them all. 

Nothing Works Better Than Not Getting Bitten by Disease Bearing Insects In The First Place. And even though a person may have survived malaria or zika, they can still be carriers.

Safe - Effective - Easy to Use - Non Allergenic

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Skin Patch

It's a skin patch that protects for 24 hours. Defends against insect bites for a whole night and all of next day. Great for kids! Our formula is all natural, safe and easy to use.

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No Bites

Nothing works better than not getting bitten in the first place. Diseases borne by insects are a scourge. Now you, your spouse and kids can be protected all day, every day, all year. It is all natural, safe to use all day everyday, all  year and it is low cost as well.

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It's all natural, safe, contains NO Deet, It Works! and  happy users say so. Read our Testimonials: